Thursday, September 22, 2011

Frontier Brides by Colleen L. Reece

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"It's a stampede of emotions! Meet Gideon Scott, who rides the range yearning to return to his beloved; preacher Joel Scott, who searches for his lost father; Smokey Travis, who's seeking a woman to ride off into the sunset with; and Andy Cullen, saddled with concern for Linnet, who lives under a death sentence."

   These four stories of men and women who made their homes on the frontier was beautifully written. I enjoyed each of them and was eager to see what would happen next. Colleen did a wonderful job at describing the settings (I could actually picture them in my mind) and of portraying each of the characters' faith in the Lord Jesus. 

   I thought these would be simply romance stories, but I was pleasantly surprised at the adventure and suspense each story had. At some points I even forgot these were supposed to be romance stories!

   Even though they were somewhat predictable, I enjoyed them nevertheless. I would highly recommend this book. It can be purchased at,, etc....