Monday, December 5, 2011

In My Father's House by Bodie and Brock Thoene

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"From every conceivable culture, men joined together in foxholes to fight World War I-the Great War that would bring the world together in peace, for all time. Jews and Irish, blacks and whites fought side by side and formed bonds of friendship that would tie them together forever. Max Meyer, a Jew from New York; Ellis Warne, an Irish doctor's son from Ohio; Birch Tucker, an Arkansas farm boy-even Jefferson Canfield, the son of a black sharecropper. 
    And as these men drew together in their common cause, the lives of their families became inextricably entwined. They prayed and hoped, wept and laughed-and rejoiced as one when their sons and brothers and fianc├ęs came home from the battlefield. 
    But even as the Armistice is declared, another battle rages on-the undercurrents of racial, religious and cultural intolerance threaten the very foundations of the nation. Will there be any freedom-any peace-on the home front?"

   In My Father's House (Shiloh Legacy series #1) by Bodie and Brock Thoene was an excellent read. Excitement was high throughout the book and I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptive language that was showered throughout it. I was drawn into the stories of Birch, Max, Ellis, and Jefferson.

   This is the first book that I have read with different story lines happening at once. So, I disliked this format at first. Afterward, I got used to it and, actually, it enhanced the suspense in the book because the Thoenes would usually leave characters' stories at such critical points! Also, this book dealt with some serious immoral issues such as fornication; however, the Thoenes deal with these issues in the right way and in the end they contribute significantly to the series.

   I love the way the Thoenes weave Christianity into the book in such a smooth way. The few sermons that are in the book were a blessing. Sometimes, they even made me want to shout AMEN! And the strong faith of the Canfield family was a breath of fresh air.

  I enjoyed this book immensely and would highly recommend it. This book can be bought at, etc.... If anyone is inspired to read this book because of this review let me know. I would love to hear of your reading experience:-)

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