Sunday, March 25, 2012

Book Review: Blue Moon Promise by Colleen Coble

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"A love like Lucy and Nate’s only comes along once in a blue moon . . .

Lucy Marsh has lost everything but her determination to provide for her brother and sister. When she realizes her father’s death was no accident, she decides to accept a proxy marriage in order to get her siblings out of harm’s way. But trouble follows her to Wichita Falls, Texas, and nothing there is as she expected. Not the man she came to marry nor the family ties she’d hoped to find. Can it be true that real security is in letting go of her own strength and trusting in the One who is far stronger than she?

Nate Stanton always knew he’d marry someday, but he planned to find his own wife. The woman his father deposits on his doorstep is not the kind of wife he had in mind. She knows nothing about ranching, and she brings two siblings with her in the bargain. He moves her into a tiny cabin and expects her to run back to Chicago, but Lucy is made of sterner stuff than he imagined. And when danger moves in, he realizes he’d give anything to protect her and the children he has grown to love. Even if it means giving up his ranch."

This was my first book that I have read by Colleen Coble and I enjoyed it completely- and would enjoy trying more by this author. Colleen's writing is smooth and gentle. I enjoyed that it felt as if she placed me smack in the middle of the story right at the first page. From there the story moved on at comfortable pace- not extremely fast yet not dragging either- with a couple of interesting twists.

Lucy was an enjoyable heroine. Her desire to be the perfect rancher's wife resulted in some humorous moments. And her determination and I'm-in-control attitude were admirable. Although that attitude sometimes led her to be outside of God's will. Her journey to giving God full control was spiritually edifying.

Nate was an enjoyable hero, as well. His acceptance of and love for Lucy was sweet. He overlooked her many blunders, focused on her good qualities, and loved her unconditionally. It took Lucy quite some time, however, to figure out that she didn't need to be the perfect rancher's wife in order for Nate to love her. Seeing their proxy marriage grow into a true marriage based on love was delightful. There were a few references to intimacy between a husband and wife (there were absolutely no scenes, however), but Colleen kept the book completely clean.

I enjoyed that the title, Blue Moon Promise, had a direct meaning/symbolism to the actual story. I was expecting a bit more suspense, but Colleen made up for the minimal suspense with the sweet romance. Overall, this was an enjoyable romance with a dash of suspense. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. It can be bought at Amazon.

** Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers (through the Booksneeze program) who provided my copy of this book free in exchange for my honest review 

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