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Author Interview and Giveaway: Lady Anne's Quest by Susan Page Davis

Welcome back to the CBRB, Suasan! Thank you for being here! For those who were not able to enjoy your last interview, can you again give us a little information about you?

Glad to be back! I’m a Yankee transplanted to western Kentucky, and I’ve written more than 40 novels. My husband Jim is a retired news editor, and he’s originally from Oregon, where the book we’re featuring is set. We lived out there for a while, when we were first married. We have six children and eight grandchildren, and right now we have two horses and a cat.

Is there a particular genre you enjoy reading/writing and why is it your favorite?

I love historicals. I also love mysteries. Old things and puzzles have always appealed to me. You’ll find both in Lady Anne’s Quest.

A historical mixed with a touch of mystery? Count me in! Can you tell us two or three things that most readers don’t know about you?

I used to have an interesting address in Maine. If people asked for it over the phone, I’d tell them I lived on Bush Road, like the president. Then I’d say, “In Clinton, like the other president.”
I’m a stroke survivor. It happened in January, 1997—that’s 15 years ago now. I’m thankful that the Lord spared me, and that the immediate effects didn’t last. I couldn’t read or write for a day or two. That was before I started writing fiction. I also had two toddlers at the time, and it was very scary.

What five things do you love/like the most?

Wow, you ask for five, when I have six children. But you DID say “things,” not “people,” so I’ll stick with non-humans. I love books, animals, traveling, and theater. I also love typing “The End” on a manuscript.

Ha! Ha! If you could meet one person (besides Jesus, because who doesn’t want to meet Him!), who would you choose?

Hmm, maybe Jenny Churchill, Winston’s mother. I think she could give me an earful.

That would be an interesting conversation, indeed! What is your favorite Bible story?

I love the account of Jonathan and his armor bearer taking on a Philistine garrison without backup.

How do you choose your characters’ names?

I have several methods, but even so I catch myself using the same names over again. I have about 3 baby name books, and I have several websites bookmarked for names, including the US Census one. I have been known to use the phone book, especially for last names, and to pull a name off a book spine when really desperate. I’ve also had several people ask me to include their names in books.

If you weren't an author, what would your dream job be?

Exercising horses.

Do you have any books that are soon-to-be-released that we should keep an eye out for?

Yes, Cowgirl Trail is also releasing in April. It’s the fifth in the Texas Trails series, which I authored with Darlene Franklin and Vickie McDonough. And there will be one more book in the featured series, Prairie Dreams. Watch in October for A Lady in the Making.

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Please tell us about the featured book.

Lady Anne believes her prayers are answered and she’s at last found her long lost uncle. Unwilling to let her meet him on her own, Dan Adams accompanies her to her uncle’s ranch. But instead of answers, Anne is left with more questions. Both are convinced the man introduced as her uncle is an impostor, and they continue searching for the new Earl of Stoneford.

But now the swindler is on their trail, hoping to steal Uncle David’s inheritance. Dan has his hands full trying to protect Anne, but he finds he must guard his heart just as carefully. Even though he’s good at keeping her safe, he knows he’ll never convince Anne to become a farmer’s wife in Oregon when she has her sights set on returning to her home in England. But as Anne’s quest becomes even more difficult—and dangerous—she begins to see Dan differently. Will she soon be envisioning a new life in America?
Interesting! Can you please give us a page from the story?

I love this, from the opening of Chapter Two:

Anne gulped. How could this man be her uncle? Impossible.
            She sucked in a deep breath. Though he repelled her, she must use her manners and greet him warmly. He was now her closest living relative. Or was he? Could there possibly be two men named David Stone in the territory? Perhaps this was all a mistake.
            Her stomach plummeted at the thought, but she pasted on a smile.
“Hello. I’m searching for Mr. David Stone. Would you happen to know where he lives?”
He laughed, a big, noisy guffaw. “Why, sweetheart, you’re lookin’ at him.” He moved down onto the next step, and Anne backed away, into the solid bulk of Dan Adams.
“Daniel,” she gasped.
Dan touched her back only for an instant, and she took comfort from that reassuring pat. He stepped around her, between her and the stranger.
“Howdy. Are you Mr. Stone?”
“Yes, I am,” the other man said. He held out a meaty hand. “I’m this little gal’s uncle. And who might you be, mister?”
“My name is Daniel Adams.”
Anne recovered at least a portion of her poise and moved up next to Dan. “I’m sorry, but you’re not at all what I expected.” She eyed the man. He was several inches taller than she was, but not nearly as tall as Daniel. She gazed at his fleshy face, his flinty eyes, and his slicked-back, badly barbered hair.
She longed to bring out the miniature portrait in her handbag, but an inner restraint told her not to. This man could not be the same one who posed for the portrait twenty years ago. Or could he?

Great page, Susan! Again, thank you for being here. It was a pleasure interviewing you! Come back anytime! Readers, to learn more about Susan you can visit her website:

Susan has kindly offered to giveaway a print copy of her book Lady Anne's Quest (second book in her Prairie Dreams series). Just leave a comment with your email address to be entered in the giveaway. Giveaway is available to U.S. and Canadian residents only.

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  21. Thanks, everybody! My husband grew up in the Eugene, Oregon area, where this book is set. We used to live there. I loved writing about it. This was a challenging time period--just on the brink of telegraph and railroads and all of that. I did a lot of research to find out what technology they had where at the time. And the rivers in Oregon--some are navigable, and some are not. I love history anyway, but was fun learning more about this specific area.

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