Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book Review: The Dublin Destiny by Jill Twigg

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"Can an introverted ugly duckling be God’s perfect match for the most eligible bachelor in town?

Running from imminent danger back home, shy, awkward Irishwoman Rylee Shannon flees to small town, USA, forced to live under the protection of unfamiliar family friends.

Prompted to protect her, the McLellans arrange the marriage of Rylee and their son, Patrick, one of Georgia’s most prominent and handsome doctors.
Willing yet hesitant, the two marry. But bound by her wallflower personality and unruly looks, she fails to make any connection with Patrick.
While Patrick is away on a long-term medical mission trip, crossing off days until the annulment, Rylee is determined to change—both inwardly and outwardly—to win the affections of her husband. Battling rumors and echoes of her past, she wins over Patrick’s family and friends with her amiable personality and perpetual state of embarrassment.
Patrick returns home to find his wife transformed into a beautiful, confident woman. When he realizes that God’s arrangement of the marriage was intentional and permanent, Patrick begins to see his wife in a different light.
But as their feelings develop, their relationship is continually derailed by Rylee’s unusual habits and stubborn pride. As Rylee’s good-natured presence begins to change the lives of the McLellans, they are also determined to conquer Rylee’s inhibitions and alter her eternity.
Patrick’s protection turns to affection, but Rylee’s past threatens to collide with her future. You won’t want to miss Patrick and Rylee McLellan fight to discover The Dublin Destiny in this captivating tale of secrets, romance, forgiveness, and divine love."
The Dublin Destiny was an enchanting story that I thoroughly enjoyed. First of all, Jill's writing was phenomenal. So smooth and unique. It's hard to describe. The best I can do is liken her writing to one of my favorite 1800's author: Isabella Alden (Grace Livingstone Hill's aunt).

Second, the story-line kept me turning the pages. It (the story-line) was different because it was a modern day marriage-of-convenience story- something usually seen in historicals. And Rylee's transformation from "Ugly Duckling" to "Beautiful Swan" was fun to watch. The scene where Patrick returns home (he was away on a mission trip during Rylee's transformation) and doesn't recognize her was especially enjoyable.

Third, Rylee's secret added an element of suspense that kept me on my toes. I was completely in the dark until Rylee revealed her secret to Patrick. The secret allowed me to understand Rylee more and to understand some of her behaviors better.

Fourth, I enjoyed that the book was completely Christ-centered. Jesus was at the center of almost all of the character's lives. Last but not least, I enjoyed the humorous moments in the book. I am almost certain that whenever I think of Lucy (Patrick's mother) I'll never forget to exclaim "My Stars!"

The Dublin Destiny was a lovely and memorable read. I give it 5 stars. It can be bought at Amazon.

** Thanks to Wild Card Blog Tours for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, which I have given.

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