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Author Interview and Giveaway: Because Of Me by Fay Lamb

Welcome to the CBRB, Fay! Thank you for being here! Readers, I've read Fay's debut novel Because Of Me and it's absolutely wonderful! So complex! God willing, my review is soon to come. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Fay Lamb. I work as an acquisition editor for Pelican Book Group, offer services as a freelance editor, and I’m an author of Christian romance and romantic suspense. Because of Me is my debut romantic suspense novel, and it is available at all book retailers and Treble Heart Books/Mountainview Publishing,

My passion is working with and encouraging fellow writers. As a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), I co-moderate the large Scribes’ Critique Group and manage the smaller Scribes’ critique groups.

In 2012, I was also elected to serve as secretary on ACFW’s Operating Board.
My husband, Marc, and I reside in Titusville, Florida, where multi-generations of our families have lived. The legacy continues with our two married sons and five grandchildren.

When did you first discover that you loved writing?

I get asked this question a lot, and you know, I don’t think I really ever discovered that I love writing. It’s just been a natural extension of who I am. All the way through school, my classmates knew me as the writer.

Why do you write the type of books that you do?

I love to write stories with issues to show that God is in the details of every part of our lives. Romantic suspense also adds that special something I always like to find in books that I read—a few good twists and turns, keeping the reader from guessing what’s coming next.

Has writing changed your life in any way?

Only lately. With the publication of Because of Me I’m seeing what it’s like on the other side. When I was writing, writing, writing, with the only goal in front of me being the desire to get published, I wasn’t looking at all that is required once you do reach your goal.

Now, I understand it when the marketing gurus tell you to start with marketing in mind. I’ve been extremely busy since publication taking care of the marketing end, learning what I probably should have learned before I ever sent the book off for acceptance.

What Bible scripture has impacted your life the most?

In my novel, Because of Me, the hero’s life verse is Job 13:15, “Thou He slay me, yet will I trust in Him, but I will maintain mine own ways before Him.”
This verse speaks of the type of steadfast faith we should have in our awesome Savior. No matter what we face, we need to trust in Him. The hero, Michael Hayes, has already been through so much. Everything he loved had been torn from him in one violent act against the girl he loved. Still, when Michael trusted Christ as his Savior, this is the verse he chose to cling to. As I wrote the story, I discovered, along with Michael, that sometimes when God slays us, it isn’t always a bad thing. God’s immeasurable mercy and grace toward us is something that slays me daily. No wonder Michael loves this Scripture.

Is there a book you’ve read that has been truly spectacular?

I don’t even have to stop and think about this one. The book is Bliss by Jenness Walker and Tracy Bowen. Those two ladies wove a story that had be laughing from page one through to the very last memorable line of the story. I laughed so hard that my husband would come out of his office, and I’d read him portions of the story. Laughter and an added bonus—a great message.

What’s the funniest/quirkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Wow, I get asked this question a lot, too. I think folks actually believe writers are quirky people, and they’re right. Because quirky is a normal state for me, I had to ask a friend. She was all too happy to comply, but she didn’t give me the one story that involved her, so I’m going to do it.

On my friend’s thirtieth birthday I actually planned a slumber party built around one of our favorite television shows. When my friend arrived, she was greeted with posters from the British science fiction series Primeval and our favorite actor in the show. I’d bought a child’s cake, complete with dinosaurs (a major portion of the television show), plunked the actor’s character picture into the middle of it, and filled a table in the room with all kinds of not-so-good-for-you treats, and we sat down to a marathon of the first three years of the show. My kids stopped by to view the insanity, my husband checked in on us from time to time, but we actually made it through the entire thirty-six hours without sleep.

I’m now planning the sequel to this event, which will include the final two seasons of the show for a total of forty-eight hours of non-stop Primeval.

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Oh my! You have me shocked, Fay- and smiling:) Please tell us about the featured book.

Because of Me was birthed when the hero, Michael Hayes, came onto the stage of my imagination and said, “There’s a young boy, Cole. I’m not his father, but he’s definitely on this earth because of me. I allowed something horrible to happen to his mother, but I still love her. I despise the kid, though. I’ve forgiven another for so much more, and Cole’s only fault is that his father is the man who took everything from me. How can I learn to love this child and protect his mother from the man who can again take her from me?”

Michael’s story captivated me, and when it was all said and done, I realized that Romans 8:28 permeates the pages of this story. All things, both the good and the bad, are used by God for our good.

Can you please give us the first page?

“Michael.” Issie bolted upright in bed, fighting the blankets and gasping for air. She ran her hand across her mouth and scanned the darkness enveloping her room.
Her breath, harsh at first, settled into a normal rhythm. She had nothing to fear. “Michael,” she choked out his name again then settled back down and curled into a ball.
She’d clung to the memory of his handsome face, but with each passing year he slipped further away. The desperate yearning to see him took her breath away.
One thing she’d never forget was the way his eyes, the color of dark chocolate, always followed her lips when she spoke, as if he wanted to kiss them long and deep. He’d loved her then. She loved him now.
Another face fought to replace her treasured memory. She shuddered and closed her eyes, fighting the vision of Tom Jervis on top of her, taking everything she’d saved for Michael—for their marriage bed. Everything she desired fell out of reach on that night.
“Mommy?” the frightened voice sounded from the hallway.
“Cole, I’m here. What is it?”
With bare feet, her seven-year-old plopped across the wood floor and over the old woolen rug to her bed. “Are you okay?”
Issie turned on her bed stand lamp. A soft light shone from beneath the green glass top, illuminating his sleepy face and tired soul-filled gray eyes.
“I had another bad dream.” She scooted over, and he climbed up beside her.
The nightmare had vanished for such a long time. Why was it resurfacing now? Could you call them dreams if the events really happened?
“Mommy, who’s Michael?”
She stiffened. He’d never asked that question. Had she not cried out for Michael in the night before? How could she answer? Yet, not responding might alarm him since he heard her call out the name. “Yeah, baby, I do.”
He rolled over to face her. “Your bad dreams are about him?”
She touched her finger to his nose. “No, they aren’t about him, but he’s in them. Having him there makes it better for me.”
Better for her, but not for Michael. What had it cost him to watch Jervis do what he’d done to her?
“How does he make it better?”
Issie pushed her boy’s shaggy blond hair from his face. He needed a haircut, but he wanted it long until the end of the baseball season. His helmet fit better, he said.
“How does he make it better?” He repeated, propping himself up on one elbow. “Did he help you?”
A vision of Michael branded her memory—the tears in his eyes, the rage in the flare of his nostrils, and the sorrow in the turn of his lips.
“No, but he would if he could.” She pressed her chin against the top of Cole’s head and wrapped her arms around his pint-size body, drawing comfort from his warmth and concern. Cole was a good boy. No one could tell her differently. “In my dream, Michael’s having a tough time too, maybe worse than Mommy.”
“Where does Michael live?” He yawned and turning, he faced away from her, his little body curving with hers.
“I don’t know where he is today.” At least that was the truth now. “I haven’t seen him in over seven years.” Since his release from prison, Issie had no idea where he’d gone.
“Oh,” he said. His breathing soon settled into a sweet rhythm of sleep.
“Michael.” She breathed the name. As she’d done since the day she learned she carried a boy, she imagined Michael embracing her son and accepting him as his own. The fantasy, though, was too fantastic for even her to believe.

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