Friday, July 27, 2012

A Peek Into A Blogger's Book Life: Interview 3~ Katie McCurdy

For the third post in a "Peek Into A Blogger's Book Life" series, please welcome to the CBRB, Katie McCurdy!:) If you haven't read and joined in on the discussion(s) for the last two interviews, you can click the following two links to access them (Amber is giving away a $10 Amazon gift-card for anyone who joins in on her discussion): Amber and Casey.

I hope you enjoy this week's interview and please join in on the discussion- the more the merrier!


Welcome to the CBRB, Katie! I’m so glad to have you here! What is your favorite genre?

Thank you so much for having me here! :-) Oh, that’s an easy question—Definitely suspense! Suspense, action, adventure, and thrillers. Those always…thrill me!! :-)

I have to agree with you on that answer, Katie. Suspense is one of the best genres! What is your all time favorite book?

Ohhh, tough question! There are so many AMAZING books out there! Hmm. My favorite series (if that’s okay to name a series instead of a book) is without a doubt Lisa Bergren’s River of Time series. I could rave about that series all day, and still have more to say. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

What character has stood the test of time?

Lord Roldolfo Greco. As soon as I read about him in Cascade by Lisa Bergren, I was intrigued. By the time I read Torrent I had totally fallen for him. And no matter what book I’ve read with an awesome hero…no one has yet taken (or will ever take!) Greco’s place! ;-)

What was the most boring book you've read?

Oh. Hmm. I’ve never really thought of what book I thought the worst. Seems so mean, haha! Let me think…I would have to say that the most boring book I can think of at the moment was Missing in Mexico by Stuart Gustafson. I’m sorry, but it just wasn’t my type and near-torture to finish that book!

What book has had the most BANG! ending?

Let’s see. There are a lot of books that have really awesome endings…but one that totally threw me (in a good and bad way) was Inside Threat by  Jason Elam and Steven Yohn. I really did like the book, but the ending was so unexpected and shocking…I seriously felt shell-shocked when I read the last page. Took me a while after closing the book to fully digest it all. Wow, yeah, I’d name Inside Threat as having a BANG! of an ending!

Which character has disgusted you the most?

I would have to say that Bruzon from Wolfsbane by Ronie Kendig really disgusted me. He was calculating and made the perfect ‘bad guy’ and he just totally disgusted me in the way he tortured Dani while she was captured. Ugh! I was glad to see that guy finally get his due.

Which character has been the Villain of Villains?

Paratore from the River of Time series. That guy made my skin crawl!! To use Gabi’s expression, that guy is “Major Creeporama!”

Okay, a really fun question: If you could choose one character to be your husband who would you choose?

Oh! I totally know this one! :-D If I could marry a fictitious character, it would be Lord Rodolfo Greco from Lisa Bergren’s River of Time series. Definitely. In a heartbeat. Without a doubt. And I’d live happy ever after!!! ;-)

Last question: what is the ideal Christian fiction novel?

Hmm…I think I’d pick The Doctor’s Lady by Jody Hedlund. The other books I mentioned here (Bergren and Kendig) are really good, but Hedlund also needs to be noticed, I feel. The Doctor’s Lady was just such an awesome historical read—I loved it! There are many other authors out there that I could also name. In the past few years we have been blessed by some wonderful Christian fiction coming out into the market!

Thank you so much for having me here today! Those questions were a ton of fun to answer! :-D


Wow, Katie. If you hadn't already convinced me that the River of Time series was a must read, I would be convinced after reading this interview:)  I agree with another blogger who said that you must be Lisa's biggest fan. Anyway, thank you once again for being here!

Readers, the discussion question for this week is "If you could choose one character to be your husband who would you choose?" Okay, I'm really eager to see your answers! Hmm, I think I would have to say Nick Franco from the Rose Trilogy by Beverly Lewis... except he won't be Amish;) So, which hero has wove his way into your heart the most? Leave a comment with your answer!


  1. Awesome interview! I totally agree with Katie about The River of Time Series! They are the best! I however would pick Luca Forelli as the character to be my husband. Sorry Katie but he is way cooler than Greco! But hey to each their own and at least this way we don't have to fight over them :)

    1. Abbi - Haha, that's okay. In fact, as you pointed out, that's a good thing. Now I wouldn't have to worry about you stealing my man! ;-) Haha!! But Luca's a really great guy, so at least I can agree that you've chosen well, lol. Those River of Time men are to die for!!

  2. Ok I read this post early and have thought about it several times throughout the day. My answer stills remains the same. I choose a character that is super old, ok not the person in itself,but the series. I choose Willie LaHaye from the Love Comes Softly series. He later declares to Missie I prayed every night to God that you would love me. How beautiful to see a childhood crush matured into a full fledged romance~ Sigh~ How sweet is that?

    1. Willie is AWESOME! He is one of my fav characters from that series! I also like Lane a lot!

    2. Ali - Oh, Willie is a great choice! I agree, he would make a great hubby. Very kind and caring! In the book, anyway---I was so mad at the movie when they killed him off!

  3. Yay!!! For Willie!
    @Abbi Lane was great too!

    @Katie I know Hallmark just messed it up. If you notice they killed each main characters first husband.

    1. Yeah Hallmark really butchered the story! The only things that were the same were most of the names! I can only watch them if I pretend that it is a different story (which it is) and try not to compare it with the awesome books!

    2. I know! It felt like they killed off hubby's just so they'd have an excuse to do another love story movie

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