Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Author Interview and Giveaway: To See The Sun by Peggy Phifer

Welcome to the CBRB, Peg! Thank you for being here! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

    I am a retired executive secretary with a Fortune 500 company. Went through an unwanted divorce 32 years ago which ended up in my relocation from the cold climes of northern Wisconsin to the desert warmth of southern Nevada. But I'll tell you this: as much as I hated the cold winters up north—I HATE being cold—I'm not overly fond of the broiling heat here in the summer, either.

When did you first discover that you loved writing?

    Reading has always been my passion. I think I ingested the love of books and reading with Mother's milk. But as I grew into my adolescence I began to think "I can write like that . . . even better" and thus began my slip into the writing end of books. I would sometimes rewrite the endings to something I liked better. ::smile::

Why do you write the type of books that you do?

    Because it's the genre I most like to read. There's something compelling about a Suspense, whether Romantic or not, that fascinates me. Everyone likes to try to figure out 'whodunit' and I like to keep them off balance.

What was your greatest obstacle in writing and how did you overcome it?

    Time. Still is. Discipline comes next. I think these are ongoing battles for me.

Has writing changed your life in any way?

    I think I'd go crazy in retirement if I couldn't write. God gave me the talent and He gives me the story.

What Bible scripture has impacted your life the most?

    That's hard to say. There are many that have spoken to me at different points through this journey. Perhaps the one with the most "push" for me is Acts 20:24: "But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned to me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God."
    What better verse could a writer have?

Is there a book you’ve read that has been truly spectacular?

    Oh, wow, that's tough. Many, many books have lingered in my mind long after reading them. "Exodus" by Leon Uris is one. "Tender Victory" by Taylor Caldwell is another. And, believe it or not, Tolstoy's "War and Peace." I've actually read it twice.

What’s the funniest/quirkiest thing you’ve ever done?

    Neither funny nor quirky, but I'd have to say this spring/summer has been a doozie. Broke a bone in my foot in April and walked on it for a month before realizing it. I was put into one of those ugly black walking boots for eight weeks.
    Then, while still wearing "Clugly," (my name for the beast…clunky and ugly) IT caused me to fall when it caught on the doorsill and threw me out onto our concrete patio, breaking my arm just below the wrist. I'll be in a cast for at least six weeks.

Please tell us about the featured book.

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Pregnant and widowed hadn’t been part of her “happily ever after” dream. And now, someone was trying to kill her . . .

Erin Macintyre never expected to be a widow and a new mother in the same year, anymore than she expected mysterious notes, threatening phone calls, and a strange homeless man who seems to know all about her. The thought of raising a child without a father is daunting enough—worse when you have no idea who might want to harm you. Put an old flame into the mix, and her life begins a tailspin into a world she never knew existed.

When P.I. Clay Buchanan, stumbles upon Erin at her husband's gravesite, he’s totally unprepared for her advanced pregnancy. Her venomous reaction at seeing him, however, was predictable. But Clay can’t let her distrust, or his guilt, get in the way—not when he has evidence that proves Erin’s life is in danger.

With few options left, Erin begrudgingly accepts Clay’s help . . . and it just might be her undoing.

Can you please give us the first page?

Friday, March 26, late afternoon

What a fantastic day
. A bid won. A contract signed. The job of a lifetime that would put Stuart and Macintyre at the top of the construction heap, not just in Las Vegas, but all of southern Nevada.
Whistling, Justin Macintyre pressed the keyless remote of his Cadillac Escalade, tossed his briefcase across the console to the passenger seat and slid behind the wheel.  To top it all off, after seven long years, he and his wife, Erin, were going to have a baby. A baby! He laughed aloud at the overwhelming joy of it.
"Hey, world, I'm going to be a daddy!"
He shifted the SUV into gear and pulled out of the Mt. Charleston Lodge area onto Kyle Canyon Road and headed down the mountain to the Las Vegas Valley below. Despite the successful day, Justin couldn't banish his worry over a recent discovery of some irregularities in the company's finances. Nothing concrete, and his Uncle Sebastian, S&M's CFO, assured him everything was fine. Nevertheless, Justin's uneasiness had prompted him to send what little proof he had to his long-time friend, Clay Buchanan, a private investigator in Texas.
Preoccupied with his thoughts, he vaguely registered the yellow and black blind curve warning sign. Too late he saw the stalled car across the center line. No time to stop! He spun the  wheel to the right.
I'm going too fast! God, help me . . .!
Seconds passed and silence settled once more over the mountainside. A shadow emerged from behind a Joshua tree and stepped to the edge of the ravine. After a moment, the form walked to the car in the road and drove away.

Okay, readers, you won't want to miss out on this giveaway opportunity. Peg has graciously offered to giveaway "one Gift Card for a Kindle or Nook copy of To See the Sun (e-book version), winner's choice!" Just leave a comment with your email address to be entered in the giveaway. And be sure to check the sidebar (under Winner Announcement) after the giveaway is over to see if you've won. The winner must contact me by going to my "Contact Me" page and sending me an email. 

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway, I own a kindle. I'm a GFC follower.

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  2. Thanks for dropping in, JoyAnne. And many thanks to Aizess for inviting me to her blog today.

  3. Nice interview, and I loved that you posted the first page of the book!

    I already have a copy of To See the Sun, so no need to enter me in the contest. However, I heartily recommend the book to your readers. It is fantastic!

  4. Loved your comment "...I ingested the love of books and reading with Mother's milk." It brought back a memory of my son in his baby swing holding one of his dad's thick paperback books and properly flipping through the pages as if he was reading the book. He is now an English major in college!

    I don't own a Kindle or Nook. That is a generous giveaway. Your book sounds like a really interesting read. The cover is perfect for the genre.

    Blessings, Janice jsmithg(at)hotmail(dot)com

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    Thank you for all the ways you give chances. It makes me think of God and how He gives us so many chances to get things right!

  8. Janice's comment above made me realize there could be a misunderstanding in the giveaway. I am not giving away a Kindle or Nook e-reader. I am offering a gift card for the e-book copy of To See the Sun for either the Kindle or Nook.

    Don't own either one? No problem. Both Amazon and B&N offer a free download application of their e-readers for your PC, Mac or smartphone.

    So sorry for any confusion.


  9. Peg, ah, the boot. I'm glad all your bones are healing. And I definitely want to read your book. (Even more than wanting to know who killed her husband, I want to know the history between Erin and Clay.)
    :-) Gloria

    1. Thanks, Gloria :) I hope you'll enjoy the book. Yes, I got rid of the boot, but my arm is going to take longer, I fear. Still hurts like the dickens. Probably my own fault. I tend to push my limitations.

  10. Congrats, Peg. Can't wait to read your book. First page is really a grabber! God bless,

  11. Thanks, Marie! How nice to see you here. :)

  12. This sounds so AMAZING! After reading the first page I'm totally pumped to read this book! Thanks Peggy for the opportunity to win. =-)

  13. Thanks, Teddy. I'm glad this blog interview got you "pumped" to read the book. LOL

    Good luck in the drawing.

  14. Thanks for the opportunity to read this fabulous novel :)
    I'm an email subscriber & follower, too.

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    1. Hi, Karen! Thanks for dropping in on me here :)

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  16. So glad I checked to see if I had entered and had not. Having problems with keeping logged on google, facebook, and my email.

    Looking forward to reading "To See The Sun" Peggy and a Kindle GC would be awesome. Thanks for this opportunity to enter giveaway.

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