Friday, March 1, 2013

CFBA Tour: The Return of Cassandra Todd by Darrel Nelson

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"When the popular girl whose friends bullied him in high school suddenly re-enters his life, little son in tow, Turner Caldwell must put the past behind him if they are to survive.

Turner Caldwell works at a local motel as a handyman while attending college full-time. On his way to class one day, he is shocked to see Cassandra Todd and her young son in town. The sight of her brings back powerful memories of being bullied in high school—she was the popular head cheerleader and he the target of her friends’ mean-spirited pranks.

When Cassandra and her son check into the motel where he works and she asks for his help in eluding her abusive husband, he finds himself entangled in a dangerous drama that will require him to forgive and draw on every skill he has if they are to survive."

The great outdoors– a place of tranquility, serenity, and comfort– becomes the backdrop to one of the most action-filled, riveting tales of the day. Using their environment as a cover up, Cassandra, her son, and Turner flee from their tormenting pasts. This is no child's game of hide-and-seek but, rather, survival of the fittest. It takes all of Turner's boy-scout skills and what little faith he has in God to keep them alive.

This novel presented many valuable lessons. Whether it was basic first-aid knowledge or the profound revelation that God is in control, it allowed the reader to be fed intellectually and spiritually. The realization of God’s sovereignty and omniscience was the poignant lesson for this reader.

Having read both novels, Nelson’s literary progress is evident. Whereas his debut was a romantic historical, this one is a suspenseful contemporary. The story was a worthwhile read because of its unique plot, edge of your seat suspense, and many spiritual and intellectual lessons. If you enjoy these three factors in a book, you are sure to enjoy The Return of Cassandra Todd. It can be bought on

** Much thanks to the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and the publisher for providing a free copy of this book to review; Guest review by Ali **

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  1. A big thank you for taking the time to read and review my novels. I'm glad you liked them. Hopefully, you'll also like my future novel, Following Rain. Keep going with the reading and reviewing!