Monday, March 17, 2014

Book Review: The Hidden Son by Dianna T. Benson

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"When U.S. DEA Special Agent Lelisa Desmond refuses to follow an order to bury evidence in a high profile case, her superior inexplicably hires a hit man to kill her. Lelisa barely survives the first attempt on her life, but someone close to her is mistakenly murdered in her place.

Lelisa sets off on a daring mission to bring down the man who ordered her execution. A man in a high position, with powerful friends. A man who will stop at nothing to protect his son.

Can she take him down, before he sends someone else to silence her forever?"

     A high-octane thriller, The Hidden Son is sure to jump-start your adrenaline. From the first page, I was thrust into the action; there were enough twists and turns to ride the tide until the end. I especially like a good mystery/suspense when I'm anchored in the world of historical fiction, so this was that extra dash of cayenne pepper needed to spice-up my reading.

     While I enjoyed the plot, there were a few things I felt were unnecessary and/or inappropriate. Slightly vulgar language was scattered throughout the book and the characters--even the one who was a Christian--participated in questionable activities such as the drinking of alcoholic beverages. The romance was not my cup of Chai tea considering the fact that Alec Dyer's wife was still alive and I'm not sure if the divorce was official yet. Besides, he wasn't divorcing her because of marital unfaithfulness so I don't think he'd be able to remarry Biblically--furthermore, Alec's best friend had been in love with her for years (while she was still married, mind you).

     I did enjoy the surprises tossed throughout the book--especially those concerning Alec Dyer's daughter's cold case. And the last curve ball at the end was definitely unexpected.

     Overall, the mystery/suspense was interesting and there were enough surprises to keep any reader satisfied. Although I must be honest and say I was disappointed with the previously mentioned aspects of the book, considering this is a Christian novel. I give The Hidden Son 3 stars out of 5. It can be bought at

** Thank you to Ellechor Publishing House for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, which I have given. **

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