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Author Interview and Giveaway: Covert Christmas by Hope White

Welcome to CBRB, Hope! Thank you for being here! For those who were not able to enjoy your last interview, can you again give us a little information about you?

I’ve been making up stories in my head ever since I was a little girl.  I figured everyone does this, right?  Post college I became a journalist and PR specialist where I was, in fact, writing stories, but just not fictional ones.  Years later those fictional stories started creeping into my brain again, especially when my kids were little and I was balancing a freelance writing career and motherhood.  As a young mother I was mostly reading parenting books – didn’t want to mess up my kids too much. <G>  Then a friend challenged me to lose myself in a book, and dropped off a stack of fiction novels on my doorstep.  That day changed my life!  Not only did I devour them, but I also thought to myself, “So this is what I’m supposed to be doing with all the stories racing around in my brain!”  

Is there a particular genre you enjoy reading/writing and why is it your favorite? 

I read everything, mystery, romance, inspirational, non-fiction, literary fiction.  As for a favorite genre, I’d say the books featuring strong romances are usually my favorites.  The same goes for writing books.  Although my books are suspenseful with an element of faith, the romance is my priority, and the happily ever after is a must. 

Can you tell us two or three things that most readers don’t know about you?

I’m a tea freak!  Seriously, I know more about tea than the average person should know.  I’m loving green tea right now, both for the taste and the health benefits.  I just discovered Matcha – yum!  Not so much into black tea, but love herbals and whites. 

The second thing?  I love to dance.  Not in public or anything, but just around the house, with a little good music going.  Even better, I put on that Happy song from Despicable Me 2 and dance with my dog.  She loves it!

What five things do you love/like the most?

Besides God, and my family (which includes the furry family members), I’d say, tea, movies, and friends. 

If you could meet one person (besides Jesus, because who doesn’t want to meet Him!), who would you choose?

The Dalai Lama.  I saw him speak once and was struck by his peaceful and loving demeanor.  

What is your favorite Bible story?

Queen Esther.

How do you choose your characters names?

I find images of the characters online, usually actors.  Then I look at those pictures and (no laughing please) start talking to them.  Their names are naturally born from that conversation.

If you weren’t an author, what would your dream job be?

Besides being a mom?  Because I’m loving that job.  I guess my dream job would be a counselor.  I love helping people work through emotional trauma.  

Do you have any books that are soon-to-be-released that we should keep an eye out for?

Not until next summer.  The third book in my Echo Mountain series will be released in June 2015.  The title is pending.

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Please tell us about the featured book.  

Here’s the blurb!

A man has been shot and left for dead on Echo Mountain, and Search and Rescue K-9 handler Breanna McBride wants answers. With no memory, all the injured man can recall is that his first name is Scott, and that someone wants him silenced. Scott knows better than to depend on strangers, yet he finds himself falling for his captivating protector. And although Breanna won't rest until she helps him piece together the rest of his past, she vows to ignore the attraction between them. But as they close in on the truth, she becomes the killer's next target. Now the pursuers will stop at nothing to ensure the pair is six feet under by Christmas. 

Can you please give us the first page?  


They were close, dangerously close.
Scott Becket sprinted up the trail hoping to disappear in the brush ahead.  He wasn’t sure how long he could keep up this pace considering the abuse he’d sustained at the hands of his captors.  He was lucky to have gotten away although without his backpack he wouldn’t survive long out here in the rugged mountains. 
Scott needed the perfect spot where he could camouflage himself until they passed, if they passed, because he knew they were nothing if not determined to find Scott and kill him.  After they finished what they started earlier; beat him until he admitted where he’d hidden the proof of criminal activity that could destroy them all.
As long as he had sole possession of the documentation, Scott would breathe another day or two, long enough to gather the last bit of evidence he needed to end this thing. 
Eyeing the trail ahead, he hoped he wouldn’t run into innocent civilians out for an afternoon hike.  Scott didn’t want to put others in jeopardy and wasn’t sure how far his pursuers would go to secure the information and eliminate Scott, the only person cynical enough to question their plan.
He winced at the pain of bruised ribs as he gasped to fill his lungs.  Scott berated himself for not catching on sooner.  What a fool.  Just like he was a fool to think he could get water samples to the EPA without being caught.  But then he hadn’t been thinking clearly for a while now. 
They’d distracted him with the illusion of love and happiness.  Christa had been so good too, an expert at making him feel safe and loved.  He should have known better.  Sweet, perfect women like Christa did not fall in love with damaged goods like Scott Becket.

Where can readers learn more information about you?

Check out my website:  or my Facebook page:

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